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what We do

With our location near the railway system, we have access to large amounts of material. The material goes straight from the railcar to our storage silos, and hydraulic pumps move it to our extrusion processing system.

Rotational Molding

We know rotomolding. We use only the highest quality aluminum metal molds. Automated powder dispensing systems, quick-cooling bays, and computer-programmed machines all combine to create economical, consistent and highly durable products.

3D CAD/CAM Design

We have over 30 years of experience with CAD rotomolding design. Each project has its unique challenges and we’re here to help you through it – whether your product is just an idea in your head, on a scratch piece of paper, or a prototype made from a different material. 

Finishing and Assembly

We do more than just create products – we also have  resources for secondary assembly. We can add metal inserts, drill and make special cuts, add sticker graphics, emboss graphics, add insulating foam, and adding parts like reflectors and seat cushions.

Assembly and Packaging

Our customers are very aware of the costs and the environmental impact of shipping products. In response we began our assembly service which literally allows us to use a customer’s molds to produce the product, and then assemble, package to specification and ship to their customer direct from our warehouse. Our customer never needs to handle the product.

Warehousing and Manufacturing

Complimentary to the assembly and packaging services is our ability to warehouse our customer’s product. This can be done to allow full regional trailer loads to build, or to offset some seasonal trends. Combined with our packaging option you will only have to supply your mold and we can handle the rest!

Quality Assurance

Along every step of the process, we have numerous inspections so that all products meet our rigorous standards. Ultrasonic testing for thickness, resin testing for powder quality, low impact testing for minimal brittle failures, and various visual quality control procedures are put in place for the entire production cycle.

Robotics/CNC Trimming:

Our robotics systems are quick, precise and consistent. Automated trimming improves safety, consistency, and efficiency while reducing labor costs and scrap rates. 

Small Trim Cells:

Smaller products with custom cuts can be challenging to do by hand. With our smaller CNC cell, we can execute precision cuts that are consistent everytime, which saves time and money.

Large Trim Cells:

Our larger Kuka robot works great for larger products. Cuts are made quickly and efficiently. Not only do you get consistency and accuracy with every custom cut, but you also get speed.