April 1, 2021 – AP Custom Rotomolding, a global leader in rotomolding plastic products, is rapidly expanding! With one manufacturing plant in Sidney, Nebraska and one in Grassie, Ontario, this long-time division of Agri-Plastics, Group of Companies, decided it was time for some updates: AP Custom Rotomolding changed its name to Agri-Plastics Custom Rotomolding, and now has a new logo. And in the subject of change and growth, we recently added a Ferry 220 Rotomolding Machine to our manufacturing plant in Sidney, Nebraska.

“With our business in the United States increasing, we needed more horsepower to produce rotomolded products for our customers,” states Darren VanBuuren, CEO and President of Agri-Plastics. “This new rotomolding machine will allow us to produce a high volume of product in a short amount of time. This will be our 9th machine in the Sidney fleet.”

The 220 Rotomolding Machine has four independent arms. It has a greater capacity to produce smaller, high-volume, custom rotomolded product. 

While this machine can create smaller products, putting it together was no small task. After the truck arrived with the unassembled machine, the next step was offloading and organizing. Then the team went to work and put it all back together. Next was the testing phase. We used our existing smaller molds and ensuring that everything was in working order. And today, we are now up and running. See our journey in the photo gallery below, and a video of the machine in action!

If you are interested in learning more about Agri-Plastics Custom Rotomolding, visit our website at apcustommolding.com. You can also contact us at info@apcustommolding.com or 1-888-231-3575.

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