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Agri-Plastics Custom Rotomolding employs a diverse range of materials within the rotational molding process. Renowned for our proficiency in rotomolding challenging materials such as cross-linked polyethylene and nylon, we offer an extensive array of material options for rotationally molded products.


Linear Polyethylene

Available in various densities, this thermoplastic polymer finds application in a multitude of areas, from cab console and duct components to hoods and roofs, owing to its versatility. Used in a variety of industries such as Agricultrual, Industrial, Residential, and Recreational.


Cross-link Polyethylene

This thermoset polymer is widely utilized in fuel tank applications due to its exceptional durability and impact resistance, particularly in cold environments. XLPE is widely used in the aftermarket automotive industry for cold air intake systems and filter housings. Its properties include high heat deflection temperature, good impact resistance, chemical resistance, low flexural modulus and good environmental stress crack resistance. 

PA 6 • PA 11 • PA 12


Nylon 6, 11, and 12 are frequently preferred for applications necessitating high temperature resistance or minimal fuel permeation. Additionally, nylon materials are paintable, enhancing customization options. Nylon is also a low-friction plastic, which makes it ideal for creating parts used in high-friction industrial applications. In these applications, nylon will maintain its shape and functionality without requiring much lubrication or maintenance.