Sidney, Nebraska, June 26, 2020 — AP Custom Rotomolding, a global leader of rotomolding plastic products, announced the hiring of Bruce Smith as the new U.S. Sales Manager as of June 8, 2020.  

Bruce has over five years of sales experience in the rotomolding industry. His new role with AP Custom Rotomolding is to help establish and develop the custom rotational market for our Sidney, Nebraska plant strategically located in the center of North America.

“With our manufacturing plant in Sidney, we now can create, produce, and ship custom plastic products in the United States. His experience in this industry will help grow our presence in North America,” states Darren VanBuuren, President and CEO of Agri-Plastics Group of Companies.

Bruce also provides exceptional service to customers. He excels at solving problems and delivers the very best experience regarding a company’s need for rotomolded products. “I feel that AP Custom Molding has a target-rich environment in which to work,” said Bruce Smith, “and they provide the very best products and service to end-users.”

To learn more about AP Custom Rotomolding, visit our website at If you would like more information on this topic, please email at 1-888-231-3575

AP Custom Rotomolding is part of Agri-Plastics’ Group of Companies. For the past 25 years, their focus is to supply quality custom rotational molding services by manufacturing and designing products that meet customer’s expectations. They develop, produce, store, and distribute a variety of rotomolded products in the agricultural, industrial, recreational, residential, and eco-friendly industries.

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