New Pulverizer and High-Intensity Mixer installed at Agri-Plastics

Sidney, Nebraska, Oct. 20, 2022 – Agri-Plastics, Group of Companies announces another manufacturing expansion with the installation of a new Magg Ultra Pulverizer and High- Intensity Optimax Mixer 150 at the Sidney, Nebraska plant. These two machines will help meet the growing demand for custom rotomolded products for customers in the Mountain States.

This is the third Pulverizer in the Sidney plant. The Magg Pulverizer has a capacity of up to 3200 lbs. per hour. By adding a third Pulverizer to the plant, the company can now produce up to 5600 lbs. per hour of pulverized resin between all three Pulverizers.

By doing in-house pulverizing, there is a reduction of supply chain reliance and control of powder quality that is made to industry standards,” states Darren VanBuuren, CEO and President of Agri-Plastics. “In turn, this increases our production for more rotomolding machines that are planned to be added as we continue to grow our manufacturing capacity.

The Sidney plant also installed a high-intensity Optimax Mixer 150. The Optimax Color Mixer will also be advantageous for the Sidney location. Plastic mixing is the process of taking basic, pulverized resin and adding pigment to achieve color, property, and performance requirements. This is the third Mixer in the Sidney plant. By adding a third Mixer, the company can now produce up to 500 lbs. of colored resin every 3 minutes.

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Click the Gallery below to see the process of the installation: